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AI SEO, SEO Supercharged with AI

We have over 16 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, Sales, Marketing, and Business Experience adapting to the latest trends, tools, and process that drive results. That now includes AI SEO, and using AI to help our clients thrive. 

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Sites we ranked

We practice what we preach, by creating sites, ranking sites, building new sites, buying websites and reverse engineering the latest algorithms we always know the next steps even when Google Algorithms or the search engines change.

Our AI SEO Services

We improve your SEO and AIO with AI, adjust now or become irrelevant later.

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SEO Powered with AI

We have been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for local small businesses, Amazon Sellers, Ecommerce Sites, Blogs and other website owners for 16 years. We now use AI to power SEO results for all of our clients.

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SEO Audit

We use AI to help audit your website and learn the opportunities to improve it via backlinks, content adjustments, technical SEO, current rankings, EEAT, on page SEO, social media presence and more.

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Ecommerce SEO

We can help your Ecommerce website get better search results with AI. Whether you need help with Amazon SEO, Shopify SEO, or a boost with DTC product sales we can help you gain more organic traffic for your products. Including optimizing collection, product, and blog pages.

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Google Ads & AI SEO Content Marketing

Google Ads and Content Marketing powered by AI tools. We use AI to improve your blog, improve content to become more helpful, have expert advice along with experiences, and manage your blog for you to help improve the chances of becoming a chosen site in AGI responses on Google.

Why Choose Us for AI SEO?


We treat your business and site as if it was ours. This is more quality over quantity game to use. We only work with clients we think see eye to eye and can benefit from our AI SEO services. We much rather have less clients for a long period of time then more clients for a least amount of time. Our very first client from over 12 years ago we help today.

Results & ROI

Our main objective is to become an asset to your business and website. If we don't improve your results, we want you to cancel. We do ask you for some time to show those results but if you aren't happy or feeling the results from what we do, we don't want you to keep paying for our service.

Experience & Experts

We have over 16 years experience reverse engineering algorithms. We understand, evolve, learn, and test Google search updates. Our sales, marketing, business, SEO, Google Ads, and website experience allows us to know what can help our clients in their situation.


We have put in over 16 years of experience analyzing search results, managing Google ads, building websites and blogs. Learning, adapting, evolving, and executing online advertising and SEO strategies proven to work for websites. We save you time, hassle, and pain of fluctuations and become your outsourced AI Digital Marketing Experts on the search engines.

Client Testimonials pulled from our Google Maps

We started using TJ over 10 years ago and right away we saw results. However we fell victim to listening to everyone else that they could do better and we made the switch only to find out that no one was able to deliver the way TJ & DIAP Media had. We are back with DIAP Media and have no intentions of ever losing his valuable service. TJ takes his time to explain what hes doing and why as well as being there when changes are needed to be made to a marketing campaign asap!
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Brent A.
Pest Control SEO
We have worked with DIAP for years and have been very satisfied. TJ is always so helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our results! I would recommend DIAP to anyone looking for great result and excellent service.
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Justin P
Dental SEO
DIAP Media is the best in the business. TJ is a true professional that can help anyone grow their online presence. I can’t recommend anyone else in this space.
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John B.
Automotive SEO
AI SEO: The Future of Search Engine Optimization

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we optimize our websites for search engines. Learn how AI can help you rank higher in Google and other search engines

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The Benefits of AI SEO

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How to Use AI for SEO

If you're not using AI for SEO, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Learn how to use AI to improve your website's SEO and get ahead of the competition.

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