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We have over 16 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads Management, Local Marketing Experience adapting to the latest trends, tools, and process that drive results.

Our Scottsdale SEO Company includes SEO services including AI SEO, AI SEO Services, and AI Local Content Marketing and using AI to help our clients thrive, stand out, and have the latest AI SEO marketing strategies to keep getting you ROI, Leads, and Sales every month.

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Need Help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have a Scottsdale, AZ based business and service the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson metro areas we can help you turn your website into a lead machine each month. Our Scottsdale SEO services help with online visibility, boosting web pages and your web presence.

In Scottsdale, we focus on certain niche businesses like healthcare, lawyers, automotive and the home services industry is one of our specialties and we have helped over 100 automotive, healthcare, medical, legal, and home services business and contractor type businesses with their SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Website Hosting, and Local Content Marketing.

We work with all types of automotive, medical, healthcare, law firms, and home services companies, get a Free Website Report and Free Technical SEO Audit to see where you rank.

Our SEO strategy helps local small businesses get more traffic, digital PR, and show up better in more relevant Google searches. Your optimized websites will also increase your presence online with relevant traffic and even foot traffic for certain small business.

SEO Agency based in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

We improve your Website SEO with AI, adjust now or become irrelevant later.

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SEO Powered with AI for Small Businesses

We have been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services in Scottsdale and the Phoenix AZ metro area for over 16 years. We now use AI and AI SEO to power SEO results for all of our clients to give them a competitive edge. Our web development is based on giving you a solid foundation with your website. Our internet marketing for small businesses focuses on growing your web traffic and reaching your business goals with incredible project management

Most Phoenix and Scottsdale SEO or Digital marketing agencies aren't using AI or haven't used it as long as we have. We have been using AI tools two years before ChatGPT was announced.

Since sometimes local business in Arizona have a national presence (sometimes National or Franchise with multiple locations) Local SEO is very important to our digital marketing strategies. Our team of SEO, Google Ads, Digital Marketing and AI Experts understand why its important our online marketing , SEO and Google Ads marketing campaigns are design first and foremost for better search engine results.

Our digital marketing agency is one of the top digital marketing companies in Phoenix with a proven digital marketing strategy.

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SEO Audit with AI

We use AI to help audit your website and learn the opportunities to improve it via backlinks, content adjustments, technical SEO, current rankings, EEAT, on page SEO, social media presence and more.

We can provide you a free website report to show you where your website ranks for each keyword and URL or page that ranks if you have traction with your website so far. We can then show you what we can improve to get you more leads, sales and grow your business in in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff metro area online.

We can audit what business listings you are missing that important and if your website is optimized for mobile devices. One of SEO (search engine optimization) marketing important factors is getting online reviews, customer testimonials, and having a great online reputation and social media marketing. This will help you with local search and getting more leads and you need to make sure you are providing great customer service.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with AI

We can help your website get better search results with proven SEO strategies and AI. Whether you need help with on page SEO, off page SEO (link building), or a boost with local content marketing we can help you gain more organic traffic for your website.

Including optimizing websites for all types of business in Arizona like plumbers, roofer, HVAC, movers, electricians, pest control and all types of home service businesses.

Our digital marketing strategies focus on on get your website seen more in local searches relevant to your services and company. We can get your local business and services more exposure with organic search results, paid ads, paid advertising targeting your service area. We can get more exposure to your Google Business Profile and make sure it's optimized fully as well.

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Google Ads & AI SEO Content Marketing

Google Ads and Content Marketing powered by AI tools. We use AI to improve your blog, improve content to become more helpful, have expert advice along with experiences, and manage your blog for you to help improve the chances of becoming a chosen site in AGI responses on Google.

If you need help with Google Ads and social media marketing we can steer you in the right direction on the best approach with these marketing efforts vs ranking better in the search engines and Local SEO to get more potential customers

Our PPC advertising, Pay per click PPC management can help reach your target audience quicker as SEO is more long term and as google search results change with algorithms. PPC ads (pay per click advertising) can help you generate leads get you more revenue, target high quality leads, and target relevant keywords right away.

Why Choose our SEO, Google Ads and Local Marketing Company?

Digital Marketing & SEO Services Supercharged with AI


We treat your business and site as if it was ours. This is more quality over quantity game to use. We only work with clients we think see eye to eye and can benefit from our AI SEO services.

We much rather have less clients for a long period of time then more clients for a least amount of time. Our very first client from over 12 years ago we help today.

Just like with social media you develop relationships and add value where you can help each other. We can help with search engine optimization and its one of our strengths vs other Phoenix digital marketing agencies. We were rated one of the top digital marketing agencies by Expertise for a reason. Our Phoenix digital marketing company cares about your clients results. We aren't just a marketing agency or advertising agency selling you impressions. Our digital marketing solutions are unlike traditional and digital marketing efforts that share fluff, and not leads. We are one of the best marketing agencies in Phoenix and one of the only ones we know of using AI

Results & ROI

Our main objective is to become an asset to your business and website. If we don't improve your results, we want you to cancel. We do ask you for some time to show those results but if you aren't happy or feeling the results from what we do, we don't want you to keep paying for our service. Our home services marketing strategy produces a positive ROI each month after we optimize your campaign into the sweet spot in the first 2-4 months.

Our Local Search Engine Optimization, web design, and web development is all based on current algorithms and trends in what the search engine wants. We do the market research and track social media trends to help with your digital marketing needs.

Experience & Experts

We have over 16 years experience reverse engineering algorithms. We understand, evolve, learn, and test Google search updates. Our sales, digital marketing, business, SEO, Google Ads, and website experience allows us to know what can help our clients in their situation. We understand the automotive, healthcare, law firm, and home service industries and Scottsdale businesses need for leads each month. Our digital marketing services are powered with the latest technology and strategies including using AI (Artificial Intelligence)


We have put in over 16 years of experience analyzing search results, managing Google ads, building websites and blogs. Learning, adapting, evolving, and executing online advertising and SEO strategies proven to work for websites. We save you time, hassle, and pain of fluctuations and become your outsourced AI Digital Marketing Experts on the search engines. We get you more local customers and save you time with Google Local Service Ads and showing you how you can get that set up if needed.

Client Reviews from our Google Maps

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We started using TJ over 10 years ago and right away we saw results. However we fell victim to listening to everyone else that they could do better and we made the switch only to find out that no one was able to deliver the way TJ & DIAP Media had. We are back with DIAP Media and have no intentions of ever losing his valuable service. TJ takes his time to explain what hes doing and why as well as being there when changes are needed to be made to a marketing campaign asap!
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Brent A.
Pest Control SEO
We have worked with DIAP for years and have been very satisfied. TJ is always so helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our results! I would recommend DIAP to anyone looking for great result and excellent service.
dental seo
Justin P
SEO & Google Ads
DIAP Media is the best in the business. TJ is a true professional that can help anyone grow their online presence. I can’t recommend anyone else in this space.
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John B.
SEO & PPC Management

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