Digital Market Agency and Internet Holding Company

(DIAP Media) a Phoenix SEO and digital marketing agency. We are a holding company 100s of internet brands and web properties.

We build niche internet brands and manage digital marketing for clients on an exclusive basis.

We build web brands and help businesses cast a wider net online. We believe that customers are searching and socializing online and that businesses can benefit more then ever with digital media and online marketing. We can help any business get results online and help build their web brand.

We have two parts to our business;

  1. Web Properties we create for internet advertising revenue streams.
  2. Internet Marketing Agencies that focus on local seo, ppc management, online reputation management, search engine marketing, and social media marketing for businesses in select industries and local markets.

We apply the same proven strategies to our websites as we do for a small exclusive group of clients.

Our goal is to continue to build an online network of premium web properties and niche internet marketing agencies while helping clients with our technology, tested strategies, and proven results.