Local SEO helps local small and medium sized businesses get higher rankings of their website for local keyword searches on search engines like Google. Local SEO requires creating unique local content on your website or blog, links back to your website that have the keywords you are targeting, and local citations with your name, address, and phone number for the local area you are targeting.

We help local small business owners capture the people that are searching and are ready to buy locally with Local SEO. Local SEO entails good local content on your website with a good platform or CMS like WordPress and local links pointing back to your site.

It’s a popularity game on the search engines and the more local back links you have to your site the better local rankings you will get for your website. Local SEO is one of the most important elements to help a local business show up online on search engines like Google.

We can help first conduct local keyword research, competitive analysis, and provide you with a local seo quote to help you with your local seo marketing. More and more people are turning online to look for local businesses they can get information from and call for their service. We can help you get more calls with a custom local seo plan for your website. We also can help you with local microsites that rank for strong local keywords that help add more chances on the web for you to get the business over your competition.

We practice what we preach and extend our SEO services in areas we are close to or have some affiliation with. For example we own a local microsite for the Tucson, Arizona marketing Tucson SEO .net that is ranked on the first page of Google for that area. We also own Philly SEO .com again on the first page of Google targeting Philly where our owner grew up and still has many business and personal relationships in that area resulting in helping businesses there as well.

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