Water Damage Marketing (Google SEO, Google Ads, & More)

water damage marketing

If you are a water damage restoration business and you are looking to grow your business besides relationships and referrals from insurance companies we have 4 tried and tested ways to use digital marketing and the internet to target customers already searching your local area. This is the best Water Damage Marketing Strategy to get you leads in 2018.

Just like you need the right water damage equipment and crew to get the job done right you need the right water damage SEO and water damage marketing strategy to keep the jobs coming in.

If you feel like you don’t have the expertise and rather focus on your water damage business vs. the digital marketing aspects we share below then call our water damage SEO agency today and we can start working on all four of these proven ROI based strategies to help you grow your water damage business to the next level.

Here are the 4 Best Ways to have Great Results and an ROI from Water Damage Marketing

google adwordsGoogle Adwords now called Google Ads (Pay per click water damage marketing) 

With Google Adwords you can use Google’s ad program and ads on the first page of Google by targeting keywords relevant to water damage. For example if someone searches “water damage company”, “mold removal”, “water damage + phoenix (or any local city name” then you can have your website or better yet a custom landing page with and offer and form to gather their name, email, and phone # to be able to call that potential customer back.

The pros of Google Adwords for water damage is that’s it’s instant in the way your ads start showing when you have a budget set up to show your ads every day. Also, you can control the ad text and entice new customers to call.

The cons of Google Adwords is it’s very complex and cost you even more per click if you don’t know how to get great quality scores, set up, manage, monitor, or optimize the campaigns every month. And watching it daily for bid changes to beat your competition.

We manage Google Adwords for water damage restoration companies across the US. Many time our management fee is well covered by the saving and ROI on the leads we produce for every client.

Water Damage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for Water Damage companies include looking that the traction of your current website if it has any rankings on Google and targeting keywords to push them to the first page where you will start getting leads every month from people already searching for local water damage companies in their respective areas.

The pros of SEO is that once you are the first page it’s not “cost per click” all clicks are “free” from Google. And 80% of the traffic from the first page of Google is from the organic or natural search results vs. Google ads. (Google Adwords)

The cons of SEO is that it can take longer then Google ads to get on the first page. Google constantly changes their algorithms and unless you understand how the algorithms work it it is better to hire an SEO agency that understands the water damage industry vs. trying to do it yourself.

water damageWater Damage Lead Gen Sites (Microsites)

So besides having your website or landing page come up on Google in their ad section or with SEO organically you can have multiple sites or microsites come on the first page so you can dominate the search results and have more “fishing poles” in the lake. It’s similar to drying a room our house out with 1 fan… or would you rather use 5, 10, 20 fans?

The pros of water damage lead generation sites or microsites you can make them keyword focused, doesn’t hurt the SEO of your site (actually helps), another way to generate leads, more dominance in Google, and can be used as a landing page for Google Adwords.

The cons of water damage leads sites is you really need to hire someone to host, design, and SEO the microsites just like any website.

Online Classifieds sites

Did you know Craigslist and their local city versions like Craigslist Phoenix as an example is the #1 visited website in Arizona. It even edges out the local newspaper site AZCentral!.. And did you know you can post up to 3 ads per day by IP address (90 ads a month) and you can renew them every 2-3 days and on average our ads we create for water damage companies get them an extra 20-30 leads per month!

If you break that down and say you close even 10% of those leads into 2-3 deals that are on average $5000 each that can make you an extra $10-15k a month in sales. This alone is worth at least $1,500 per month to pay someone to post ads on online classifieds sites like Craigslist and we know more.

The pros of posting on online classifieds sites like Craigslist is that its free accept for the time and another lead gen source other than Google.

The cons of posting on online classifieds sites for water damage leads is that is it time consuming to post, create, manage, and stay on top of the ads and accounts. If you aren’t careful you can get banned from sites as well.  It’s best to hire someone or a digital marketing agency for water damage contractors like ours to do it for you.

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