tucson, azDigital Internet Advertising Properties, LLC {DIAP Media} offers Tucson SEO, PPC Management, Tucson Social Media Marketing, and a complete approach to internet marketing in Tucson. We own a few Tucson SEO service companies and have happy clients in that market.

Some of these buzz words you might have heard from sales calls, friends, colleagues or just doing your own research on the internet are now more important then ever to helping grow your Tucson business online. More and more people are using Google to search for products and services in Tucson and do their research searching locally with keywords phrases tied to the word Tucson before making their purchase and decision. One of the reasons as you might know already it is important for you to have someone to manage your internet marketing is because the Print Yellow Pages, Newspapers, and traditional media isn’t as effective anymore with this digital age.

Another reason why it’s extremely useful for a business in Tucson, AZ or any local market to have a web presence to drive traffic, leads, and phone calls is that is the most cost effective way to market your business and the most trackable.

We offer lead generating microsites that we track all of your calls with call tracking.We also have a lead generating website for our own business Internet Marketing Tucson

We also can help your primary website gain better rankings and positions across the search engines by distributing your website to many local websites and websites relevant to your industry. An example list of sites to add your website to can be found on GetListed.org. This is part of a Tucson SEO service we offer where we build strategic links and track the progress and traffic for you.

I’m sure you have seen on your local news stations they are using Twitter and Facebook and are wondering how to use that for your business. This is Social Media Marketing this is also helpful and a must in today’s digital marketing space to help your SEO. There are also social bookmarking websites and blogging is a way to stay social with great content on the websites we build for you.

Lastly, if you are like most clients that care about an ROI and get results more quickly we have technology that tracks and records phone calls from local Google Adwords or Pay per Click ads we can manage for you. This is usually the best way to start or in combination with a Tucson SEO and Social Media strategy. From the Google Adwords program we manage for you we can collect real data that shows what are the best keywords to optimize for your SEO compaign and which ones drive the most web conversions and calls.

Our goal is to educate you on everything we do and then manage all of your website marketing for you giving you peace of mind and not having to worry about all the buzz words people call about. We will customize an internet marketing portfolio of services for you based on your monthly budget.

Give us a call at 520-302-5075 so we can schedule a meeting with you at our offices in Scottsdale, AZ or at your local business in Tucson.

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