Scottsdale SEO Tips To Help Your Business Grow

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scottsdale seoAs a company based in Scottsdale ourselves it’s natural that many of our clients, referrals, and leads come from the Scottsdale, AZ area from people searching for a local Scottsdale SEO professional or agency.

Since we help an exclusive group of clients that are in certain niches and have healthy budgets we wanted to share some of the SEO tips that any local business in the Scottsdale area could use even if we don’t end up helping you.

First and foremost when we mention “Scottsdale” SEO you can replace the word/city Scottsdale with really any city you are in. However, since again we are targeting this market due to our our location we will share some of the best SEO tip and strategies that you can use here in this area as well.

Let’s look at that word or service known as SEO itself…

It spells out Search Engine Optimization. So you are purposely trying to “optimize” your website, url, social profile, or digital asset for the “search engines”. The main one with over 70% of market share is Google. And you most likely came to our site through Google search.

Secondly, the reason you might searched “Scottsdale” with “SEO” is you wanted to find someone local you can meet, get to know, and learn to trust. Which makes total sense. Most businesses prefer to do business with someone local or someone that knows the area and community.

The main difference is “SEO” for the Scottsdale area is you are going to want to use some local strategies, local keywords, and connect with other local sites that can link to your website or useful content.

Here are some tips to localize your Search Engine Optimization here in Scottsdale:

  1. Sign up for (It’s free and helps you get on the maps section of Google that shows up for local searches in certain niches and keyword searches.
  2. Create content on your site or preferably a blog that is focused on the area or things your potential customers could be searching in the area. For example, if you are a dentist in the old town Scottsdale area, why not write a blog post about the Scottsdale farmer’s market and share useful info on it. If someone searches for something like this and your content is found it will get you local attention and possibly a new client. It will also make you look like an authority on the area.
  3. Reach out to low hanging fruit.. Meaning if you are in the Scottsdale Chamber, a Scottsdale Association or networking group or are partnered with other people see if you can provide some content for their blog or see if they can link to you as a resource some way on their website. An example is we are partnered with a local lead generation platform and share content, ideas, and ways to help clients in Scottsdale.

If you like these ideas great, get started and let us know how it goes. If you still need help or would rather have us do it for you along with a monthly SEO strategy to keep you relevant and getting more traffic on Google let’s have a conversation about your business, budget, and goals.

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