PPC Management

Our Pay Per Click Management Company Manages Google Ads (Formerly Adwords), and Amazon PPC Management Campaigns

PPC Management Agency

We manage Google Pay per Click Advertising for small businesses in Arizona and across the US.

Our PPC Management experts use Google Ads (formerly Adwords) platform with call tracking technology that tracks calls, forms, and provides call data when available. 

We track calls from all of your Google Advertising campaigns and you can even listen to the calls if your choose that option.

So not only do you know how many clicks and impressions you are receiving you will know how many people called you!

Our Added PPC Management Benefit

Our clients love the call tracking technology we use not only because it’s tracks calls and not just clicks it also helps train their staff that answers the calls increasing the chance of converting more customers.

At the end of the day you want a chance at a lead that you or your sales team can close. Who cares if you received thousands of clicks if no one called you right? The key is getting leads from Google Pay per click advertising that gives you a chance to grow your business.

Also, just as long as the caller or new customer who searched online and clicked your text ad and doesn’t have their information blocked we can also provide names, length of the calls, phone numbers, and an audio file of the calls you can login in real time and listen to.

We make sure your PPC campaigns are set up to get you the best quality scores and lowest cost per click, with the highest conversions. Many times our PPC Management services is optimized so well it indirectly covers our PPC Management fee and more because if you tried to manage Google Ads or PPC campaigns yourself you would be often times paying 30%-50% more per click then if it was managed professionally from a PPC agency like ours.

We monitor the campaigns daily, test ads and keywords, and continuously optimize your PPC – Google Adwords campaign to get the best results providing a monthly report.

PPC Management Fee, Budget & Pricing

We are Google partner certified and manage budgets starting at $1000.00 per month.

If you don’t have at least $1000.00 per month to spend you could underspend the market and lose that money as well.

In some industries the cost per click is $20, $50, $200 per click. At these levels sometimes the budget can be way too small to get in the Google Adwords game.

If you have at least $1000.00 per month to spend on Google Advertising let’s discuss your business and goals further.

Call 888-863-7421 to discuss your pay per click marketing budget and what type of customers you want to target.

PPC Management for Small Business

We can show you where you currently rank, and how much it would cost for us to get you results every month!