google ppc managementPPC Management (PPC – Pay per Click Management) in the Phoenix Metro area is a service we provide to companies looking to get more leads from people searching keywords on Google and are ready to buy. We use Google Adwords to get your text ad or text ads  in front of relevant keywords searches that when clicked  go directly to your website where they can call you or enter their information in a web form. Your monthly budget is only used as people click your ads and all of the ad impressions are free.

PPC Campaign Optimizaiton

We help set up your PPC campaign, monitor, manage, conduct the best keyword research, and track not only the clicks to your site but any calls that are produced with our technology as well.

We understand all of the best PPC practices and techniques to get your campaign the best results. We also use a combination of technology and a human touch to provide the best possible use of your budget. This ensures you get a high quality score and saves you money vs. trying to understand, set up, and optimize Google Adwords yourself.

Our Advantage – Why Us?

We have been managing our own PPC budgets for our own sites for over ten years and are Google Adwords certified so we have an upper hand against the competition. We can make sure you don’t underspend the competition or overspend the competition as well. Everything is also transparent we separate our monthly management fee and set up fee from your actual budget that goes to Google.

Google is the #1 most searched website and the options to target your area and reach new customers is the most cost effective approach. Do not try to go it alone and do it yourself you can lose thousands of dollars if your not careful, don’t set it up right, or don’t have call tracking technology. Most buyers will call almost three to four times before submitting their information via web form.

PPC Quote & Pricing

Call to get a custom proposal for your PPC (Pay per click) needs at 888-863-7421


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