Our core solution and Lead Generating platform is to get you leads from WordPress Website Design lead Microsites that we build and own and get listed organically on Google and the search engines and distribute the tracked site all over the web.

However, from time to time customers have asked to use our technique of using the most SEO and Social Media Optimized Microsite and implement our process on their primary website. We can start with a brand new domain name from scratch that represents and brands your name and service or we can provide a “website makeover” or “website refresh” on any existing  websites you own that are outdated and are not following the best WordPress web design practices.

Our signature WordPress website design strategy and is a combination of our expertise in positioning, copyrighting, lead forms, WordPress and other internet marketing techniques and content with full custom design work of my partner Bobby Small. We have over 20 years combined experience with web design and internet marketing strategies and have created our own WordPress web design approach.

Our process has been developed after looking at over 150 of the top web designs from companies such as Apple.com, Cisco.com & BMW.com. Our website design process is engineered to produce results, keep people on your site, reduce bounce rate, and take action to connect with you. It is scientific process and consistent with the latest web design techniques.

This is the format that will get you the best results and we know the best color schemes, fonts, and positioning of website elements to attract new customers and make your current customers tell their friends to visit your website.


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