Repetitive Marketing: An Effective Strategy to Draw Customers

repetitive marketing

The main purpose of strengthening the presence of your brand is to establish the customer’s trust and eventually raise conversions. A strong brand presence can be built through repetitive marketing – a strategy to stick your brand in the customer’s mind. Moreover, when you keep your brand in front of your customer’s mind you will be more likely to recollect existing customers. Repetition is an important key in a marketing campaign but the efficiency of the repetition will be only achieved through the right proportion. Instead of building brand familiarity, repetition that happens without the right measurement leads to customer fatigue. In fact, repetition can bring different results depending on whether the customer is already familiar with your brand or not. Generally, an advertisement for an entirely new product or a product that has already built a brand familiarity will draw more customer’s attention. Therefore, the frequency of the advertisement can be decreased once customers are familiar with your brand and still accomplish the same results.

In recent years, more brands have emerged and buyers have more options to choose products they would like to use as well as an opportunity for brands to build trust with customers. To win the competition in drawing the customer’s attention, the repetitive marketing concept is the center of any good strategy.

The psychological effect of repetition

Psychologically speaking, the more a person can see or hear something, the more they will likely remember it. Brand familiarity will build trust among customers and they will be more likely to purchase products from your brand. The more familiar people are with a brand, the brand will receive a recognition from them even if it is merely the name of the product building brand awareness. According to studies, statements which are repeated frequently will cause people to believe them more than the statements that are given less often. Frequency has a great effect because once people have been exposed to something, they will begin to see it everywhere and it will progressively build comfort and even trust on their unconscious mind. In conclusion, repetition builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust.

The importance of the “right time” to run a campaign

The length of time used in running the campaign is as important as the repetition itself. When you launch your marketing message, you need to give it time and allow the marketing to work. Time plays a crucial part in repetitive marketing, as you can see the example of some campaigns like the “Got Milk?” campaign that has been remembered twenty years on and not to mention the iconic “Just Do It” phrase from Nike that is still running for around thirty years after it launched. The other great example is the famous American Express: “Don’t Leave Home Without It” tagline that is considered as one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time as it remains remembered regardless of the fact that it was created before some of us were born. Therefore, to run an effective marketing strategy and achieve the targeted result, you should pay attention between the frequency and time.

The role of the consistency on the content

An effective marketing campaign is a good combination of a broad range of contents such as blog content, social media, emails, video, and other content that works together to develop conversions. Repetition is one key factor that plays an essential part among them. The consistency is necessary to achieve the targeted result with the campaign, so it is an important note that a brand should give out the same story, voice and the same mission on the campaign. In consequence, when the prospective customers have made the first contact with your brand and its content, there will be an “awareness” emerge and cause them to immediately recognize your future content.

Therefore, marketers should identify the type of content that is able to build familiarity to the audience and moreover can be managed to be repurposed to strengthen the concept of their brands. The brand’s slogan is not the only thing to be considered carefully but some important elements like the keywords and the other relevant information are the things that should be picked seriously. The secret is to emphasize a strong point on your content and fully take the benefit of the frequency illusion. An effective way to build a strong point is to ensure your brand story should be able to be repeated in different ways and used across multiple channels. The consistency of your storytelling combined with your brand’s identity will strengthen the familiarity among the customers.

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