We were on TMZ today and noticed what we call remarketing at its finest! First, if you don’t know what remarketing it is let us explain. Remarketing is when you show an ad online to people that are surfing the web that previously went to your website. The ad technology drops a cookie from the site that is using remarketing and then follows you on other popular websites across the web to say “Hey remember you were at our site, come back and buy something”.

It’s a stalker ad but in a good sense. For us seeing remarketing ads isn’t anything new since we are in the industry and know companies use it to really dominate online and recapture leads from search marketing. If you want to learn more about remarketing you can check out more info here at Google’s remarketing solution.

However, this remarketing ad from SEOmoz takes the cake.



  1. My first experience with remarketing was when I was shopping on Overstock for a wedding ring. Saw one that I liked, but didn’t pull the trigger. I had already decided that I wanted it, but a few weeks later that same ring popped up in a side bar on some news site and I was like “Oh sh*t, there’s that ring…it’s meant to be” LMAO…..

  2. Thanks T.J. for the kind words! I head up retargeting over here at SEOmoz, and its has been a great learning experience for me to tackle our efforts for SEOmoz PRO. We have worked with Retargeter to help us get great visibility and show off both Roger’s mug and Rand’s 🙂

    I really appreciate the shout out, I promise to keep the stalking both humorous and classy 😉

  3. Your welcome Joanna, keep up the great work. Loving it, very cool, outside the box strategy. Your promise has been kept ;0)~

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