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Top 3 Things You MUST Have with Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Plan

If you are a plastic surgeon or run a cosmetic surgery business and practice there are Three Things you must be doing with your Plastic Surgery Marketing plan and we can execute this for you in 2019.

Plastic Surgery Website & Web Design

This is a must because without a Mobile, Responsive (works on every device), Conversion Friendly website with Great Design, Calls to Action, and Fresh Content new patients will keep bouncing off your website and Google will never think you deserve to rank on the first page.

We have a designed 1000s of Healthcare and Medical related websites including Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon websites that are designed to 2017 standards.

We make sure your website has the content that matches the type of new patients you want and the services you offer in the area or areas you want to target Geographically.

We offer weekly blog content that is not only user friendly which Google loves its completely optimized with Titles, Headings, backlinks, tags, and other SEO elements to help it get shared on social media and rank on Google!

Another aspect of your website and Plastic Surgery Web Design we focus on is making sure your website is extremely Mobile friendly meaning people can easily click on your phone number on a their mobile devices and get to your front office with an easy click of their thumb at the top of your mobile friendly plastic surgeon website.

We also make your your website has calls to actions, before and after galleries, and your location information including forms they can complete that goes right to your cosmetic surgery practice email.

Now onto the 2nd thing every plastic surgery Marketing strategy must have…

Plastic Surgery SEO

Let’s face it if you don’t have a website on the first page of Google for at minimum what you do and where you do it you are not going to grow in this now fully digital world in 2019.

Not only will you not get any new plastic surgery patients you won’t gain Brand Equity, Credibility, or Trust.. Since the first page of Google is GOLD for the plastic surgery and cosmetic industries. Hell its even Gold for anyone trying to grow their business in 2019 and having Search Engine Optimization experts like ours at DIAP Media that own over 700 domains, ranked thousands of keywords, and stay on top of the latest Google Algorithms will make your practice millions more a year and can be a huge difference from a plastic surgeon just starting out and going to have a successful plastic surgeon practice

Our Plastic Surgery SEO focuses on getting you more relevant exposure and authority in your area and in the industry with advanced techniques use with our SEO tools, software, and reverse engineering strategy we use and refine all the time. We monitor what works and what doesn’t and also have a network of SEO experts across the country sharing best practices that we pass on to our plastic surgeon client sites.

Don’t believe us?

Just check this one tool as an example and you can see Google changes Algorithms for SEO daily..

You shouldn’t have to pay attention or keep track of that.. That’s why our cosmetic surgeon and medical clients hire us at DIAP Media to handle all of their SEO issues and make sure it’s part of their Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy in 2019 and beyond.. (or until something better than Google exists.. which it still doesn’t today)

Finally, this leads us to the 3rd thing every Cosmetic Surgery practice or Healthcare professional should have..

Plastic Surgery Pay Per Click Management with Google Ads

Even with a well designed and maintained Plastic Surgeon website we can build, design, redesign or host for you and get your SEO (Plastic Surgery Search Engine Optimization) going you must have a PPC Google Adwords plan.


We believe based on the ROI stats we have seen as well as using PPC and SEO as a combo not only are our plastic surgeon clients happier they get more instant results with controllable Google ads for every keyword they want we track with call tracking and landing pages the new patients come from both!

Also, think about this..

If a new patient searched something like “Mommy Makeover Phoenix AZ” and then they see you at the top of Google in the Ads section and then below in the “organic” or SEO section and you are the only one that shows up twice..

What do you think that new patient thinks?

Yeah, they think wow I need to call them they show up twice on Google and this leads to more and better new patient lead conversion for your plastic surgery practice.

We are Google Adwords Certified and can manage your Plastic Surgeon keywords, ads, and landing page to get you an ROI on your Plastic Surgery Marketing budget!

Call us today at 888-863-7421 so we can start the conversion, Get you a Custom Proposal, and Start Executing your Plastic Surgery Marketing Plan!

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