Digital Internet Advertising Properties or DIAP Media for short is our main company we created back in 2006 to buy domain names to build into web brands, for cash parking, lead generating microsites, and for internet advertising revenue streams.

As of August of 2009, we had a lot of companies asking how can we help them with local internet marketing services for their companies. When we showed some of the local yellow page advertisers that weren’t getting any phone calls any more how they can increase their website traffic to their primary site with local PPC management in Phoenix and use microsites as a secondary strategy they were hooked.

About six months later or March of 2010 we decided to create a few new web brands to target the local dental niche and specifically businesses looking for more phone calls and leads from their website in the Phoenix Metro area. We created a local internet marketing and social media agency brand Stealth Media Agency and a dental marketing company that focused on local dental marketing nationwide but with a focus on our home base area of Phoenix again.

This has been very successful and has given us a chance to keep expanding our own reach on the web with more local markets that are in Arizona including Tucson, Arizona. We launched a basic microsite there to help Tucson business get more leads and phone calls online with our Tucson Internet Marketing Company.

If you are a local business and want to really expand your web presence and use local internet marketing services and strategies to help your business because the Yellow Pages doesn’t work anymore.

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