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Being from Jersey or the #dirtyjerz and a huge fan of the Jersey Shore I have been amped all day to see the new Season 2 Jersey Shore premiere where they take over Miami and invade the town with their fist pumping antics. Having a love for Jersey and love of the SEO game I decide to tie them together with an in depth post of the types of links you can acquire relating them to the Jersey Shore cast member types.

When you are trying to optimize your website for the search engines it comes down to a great website architecture, content, and links. I would say link building is at least 60-70% of ranking higher in the search engines. It is like a popularity contest where the more people that vote for your website with a link to it gives Google and the search engines more reason to look at your website as a user friendly and credible source for the information you provide.

So let’s get into to this and see if I can pull this off with related different types of links and link building strategies with the different characters on the Jersey Shore.

We offer Link Building Services that follow a more holistic approach like the “situation” approach we discuss below. If you need a Link Building Service Agency give us a call.

Snooki#1 The “Snooki” link building approach

  • Links that are developed in a haphazard way and not tracked.

Snooki always was trying to find a “gorilla” but was rejected over and over. As a link builder it is important track links and have a strategic approach. If you going after local search you want local links that are relevant to what you do. Also, you need a way to see if the links you build are still active or were submitted but never added. Many times SEO people will go and try to link to everyone and submit links to sites and get rejected. Just because you submit links or ask webmasters to link to you, you may get rejected several times.

j-Woww#2  The “J-Woww” link building approach

  • Links that are paid and the SEO is cheating the system

If you watch the Jersey Shore you know J-Woww cheats on her boyfriend. In the case of link building J-Woww style the SEO company is cheating their client purchasing Paid links. Even though, that night it might sound great in theory and you get excited to get a paid link on PR 6 or above site, long term you will hurt that relationship with the client when Google finds out you’re cheating buying links to the top.

Angelina Jersey Shore#3 The “Angelina” link building approach

  • Links that you regret

Angelina one of the dumbest of the crew left the biggest show on the planet but is suppose be back in Jersey Shore Season 2. Every SEO has built a link that ended up on one of those obsolete directories that are not relevant or even in the same geographic area of the website is targeting. You know the web directory that is in a different language and becomes blacklisted or a link farm that you end up on and regret.

Sammi Sweetheart Jersey Shore#4 The “Sammi Sweetheart” link building approach

  • Links with comment love

Sammie is known as the lover and the one that became the steady girlfriend of Ronnie on Season 1 of the Jersey Shore. She was definitely the “lover”. Link building in comments of blogs specifically the ones that have the “comment Luv” WordPress plugin or dofollow comments is definitely a great approach if done right. Remember it’s Sammi Sweetheart not “Spammy Sweetheart” so be careful when taking this comment linking approach on blogs.

Vinny from the Jersey Shore#5 The “Vinny” link building approach

  • Links that you get by genuine good content

Vinny is known more to lay back in the cut, be genuine, and put out some great content. One way to build links is naturally write great posts on your blog or put out useful and valuable content people want to link to. This is the best approach because it is natural and not influenced just like Vinny was on the show.

Ronnie from the Jersey Shore#6 The “Ronnie” link building approach

  • Links that you land on a .edu or .gov site

Ronnie was the “one shot” king and fighter of the crew. If you get a link on .edu or .gov site with high PageRank that could be the one link that knocks out your competition. These are tough links to get and you have to do some fighting and strategic competition analysis to find them but they are out there. Sometimes that one shot link can rocket you to the top as it has become more about quality vs quantity of links.

Pauly D from the Jersey Shore#7 The “Pauly D” link building approach

  • Links that you get because you researched the links your competitor has.

Pauly D was Mike “the Situation’s” wing man and he ended up with a lot of chicks because of taking the grenade launchers that Mike already had. In link building you can use tools to look at the back links of your competitors or the website that is ranking #1 for the keyword you are going after. Sometimes you can start with those links to even the playing field and then go after others they don’t have.

Mike the Situation from the Jersey Shore#8 The “That’s the situation” link building approach.

  • Taking a holistic approach of building links with social bookmarking, directories, blogs, forums, articles, natural content, and social media.

Mike “the Situation” was the ultimate character of the show he worked all facets of the show. From being a star, to hooking up with Sammi at first and coining the phrase “that’s the situation”. In link building the best approach is to consider all angles and avenues and dominate the SERPS with all types of links pointing back to your website.

So there you have it. If you want to learn more about the tools we use or have your own comments about the different link building approaches we may have missed that relate to the characters of the Jersey Shore give us a fist pumpin comment below.

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