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Link Building like an Investment Portfolio

I was just alerted through our handy Raven Internet Marketing Tools one of the main platforms we use for our internet marketing agency when managing our clients’ account for SEO. It was about our links not matching anymore.

They kindly alerted us with their really cool link monitoring tool with a message like this:

The following link(s) for the “StealthMediaAgency.com” website have changed:

The link on http://www.mixx.com/stories/14828689/phoenix_seo?vote=1 has changed:
Link text no longer matches
Link URL no longer matches

So I checked out the Mixx.com site and at first their was an internal server error and about an hour later there was a new message about UberMedia acquiring the site which I also found searching Mixx.com in Google News. So now this social bookmarking link is gone and the rumor is UberMedia is building a Twitter competitor with this nice PR8 site that was a great source for link building.

This brought me back to my investment days with UBS Financial Services and RCG Capital Markets Group. See before I got into internet marketing and advertising with a local job board startup here in Phoenix back in 2003 I was a stock broker. And one of the biggest lessons you learn when managing an investment portfolio is diversification.

Diversification is essential to a long term healthly return on investment so you can live off millions of dollars you accumulate and preserve as your time horizon shortens. When a client wants to invest in the market and you figure out their time horizon and risk tolerance you can then decide what percentage of asset classes they should be in.

For example, if they are younger and have more risk they might want to be more heavily weighted in stocks with small cap, micro cap and even some larger cap blue chip companies with smaller portions in bonds and gold. When they get older they might want to play it safe and have more tax free muni bonds, corporate bonds, or government bonds that are income producing with some safer dividend yielding stocks.

The point here is in either scenario just like in link building if one asset class goes down usually there is an inverse effect and the others go up. So in this link building case with Mixx.com going down its not that big a deal because we still ranked Stealth Media Agency in less then a year for one of the toughest keywords  “Phoenix SEO” against some of the best SEOs Phoenix has to offer with a healthy diversified link portfolio of social links, directories, articles, blogs, local sites ect…

So the moral of the story here is if you look at your link building plan as an investment portfolio and continue to re-balance when things change. This will help you create an opportunity for your investment or website in this case help you achieve thousands or even millions in revenues helping you retire on that beach you dream of with a cocktail in hand and nothing but you and the sand between you and the never ending ocean view…