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How Facebook Ads Can Help You Target by Context

Facebook Ads are a way for advertisers and marketers to brand their company in front of people or users of Facebook that have relevant demographics or user profile information that match the product or service that advertiser are selling.

Below is an example of Facebook’s new Timeline where on my Profile page I commented about the Philadelphia Eagles or “eagirls” in this case losing to the New York Giants. And because I have liked the N.Y. Giants page and made this comment in my timeline this Facebook Advertiser targeted my profile and it showed up on my page.

Now in my case I didn’t become a “fan” or “like” this page because I already follow the Official Giants Page and only limit how many pages I follow. I’m a bad example of an end user anyway because of being in the “industry” and manage Facebook pages and Facebook Advertising .

However, you can see how this might be another way to brand your company online and build a Facebook Fan base. If you want to learn more about setting up a campaign and target users on Facebook with a cost per click or cost per impression campaign call us at 888-863-7421 to discuss who you are trying to reach, why, and what your budget is.