Google PPC MarketingSo we manage pay per click campaigns and Google Adwords for clients nationwide and believe in it 100% for many proven reasons. We track our clients conversions and even have call tracking technology that lets them listen to the calls they receive. This is true hardcore trackable ROI that companies love to have when they invest in any digital marketing.

But one advantage that companies don’t realize or that is not often talked about is how the perception of you paying for Ads to show on Google are giving you credibility with new customers that understand the Google ecosystem.

As an example, I put on my consumer hat this week looking for a pool fence in the Scottsdale area. The weather is heating up and my daughter is now close to two and half. It was time to start searching for a local company that can come to my house and give me an estimate.

When I started searching I typed in the relevant keywords “removable pool fence arizona”, “pool fence scottsdale”, “pool fence phoenix” ect.. I clicked on several links and called three different companies to come out. However, I noticed the three I called were companies that were in the pay per click section and 2 of the 3 showed up with good SEO on the first page as well.

However, the one I choose didn’t have better local SEO then the one I was leaning towards and didn’t choose. There were other factors that are unrelated to this post but I looked at “who can spend the money currently” in the Pay Per Click area more credible because they were “actively investing” into their business.

I also happened to visit a client today that has been a client of ours for 3 years and getting married next weekend. I’m invited to the wedding so naturally she wanted to show me some of the vendors she chose that she is excited about. She showed me their photographers website and I was really impressed so I asked her, how did you find them? Her answer, “they were spending money on pay per click like we do”…

What do you think? Do you think this is another advantage of PPC Marketing that isn’t talked about or overlooked or doesn’t matter?

+T.J. Loftus

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