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Top 3 Dental Marketing Ideas For Dentists

Dental Marketing

dental marketing on googleDentists already have a lot on their plate with running a dental practice and the last thing they have time for is brainstorming or managing dental marketing ideas to grow their new patient base. This is where we come in since dentists have successfully hired us to manage dental marketing campaigns in the Phoenix metro area and nationwide every month.

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dentist call tracking on Google ads

So to help dentists get more exposure we have listed three solid ways we have proven results in getting dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons and other dental professionals more patients.

1. Google Adwords Pay Per Click Ads

Google’s #1 source of revenue is their Adwords program and the reason they make so much money and have become the #1 brand in the world is the pure fact that Google ads work. If they didn’t why would people keep paying right? And why would huge brands spends hundreds of thousands per day when they already are  well known brand? Simple, it works. And it can work for dentists too if you have a PPC professional manage it for you. We highly recommend having a certified Google PPC expert do this for you since they will know how to keep your CPC low and your ROI high!

2. Dental SEO

When people search Google they either see and click on the ads as described above or they click on the links below the ads in the “organic” or “free” section that is organized by trustworthy sites based on Google’s algorithms that change up to 500 times a year. However, if you have a solid SEO strategy you can gain traffic by attracting relevant links to your site and putting out quality content that is useful to new patients that are searching in your area. Also, SEO usually has a higher ROI than PPC but its less controllable and takes longer to get to the first page. However, when you do you can reap more traffic and clicks that to accumulate on a cost per click basis like PPC or Google Adwords program.

3. Local Lead Generation Site

A local lead generation site is another website that is separate from your website. It is set up to target a certain area of your dental practice that is the most profitable and be extremely useful for what patients are specifically looking for vs a general dentist search in their area. One example of this would be creating a local lead generation site for dental implants or orthodontic services like braces.

For example, if you searched “dental marketing Phoenix” you would find our site and our local lead generation site dental marketing seo division DentalClix using Dental SEO and ranking on the first page of Google as well. If you want results like this call our dental marketing experts at 888-863-7421 and if you are in the Arizona area we can stop by and meet with you at your dental practice and if in another state we can set up a call.

As you can see all three ways involve using Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines were new patients are already at the bottom of the “buying funnel” and specifically searching for services or dentists in their local area with no one in mind yet. This isn’t like social media where they are wasting time, reading, connecting with friends, and/or randomly stumble on to your dental practice and don’t have a need or already have a dentist that they like.

The biggest key to success is having the right dental marketing plan in place and have professionals in the dental marketing industry manage it for you so you can stay behind the drill where you make more money.

We help dentists nationwide and are based in Scottsdale Arizona. A sample size of the cities and states we have helped or currently help dentists in are;

Our local markets close to our dental marketing headquarters in Arizona.

  • Dental Marketing Chandler AZ
  • Dental Marketing Gilbert AZ
  • Dental Marketing Tempe AZ
  • Dental Marketing Mesa AZ
  • Dental Marketing Phoenix
  • Dental Marketing Scottsdale
  • Dental Marketing Surprise AZ
  • Dental Marketing Glendale AZ
  • Dental Marketing Peoria AZ

From Referrals:

  • Dental Marketing New Jersey
  • Dental Marketing Philadelphia
  • Dental Marketing Philly
  • Dental Marketing New York
  • Dental Marketing Los Angeles

Call us at 888-863-7421 for a custom proposal to target your area with our dental marketing services that help grow dental practices and give them a positive ROI.

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