You hear it all the time, “Content is King”.. Produce great content and Google will reward you.. SEO companies or “link building” companies have now become “content marketing agency” thanks to Google’s algo updates specifically Panda and Penguin.

You might of even noticed that you are attracted to reading certain blogs that you go to over and over again on a daily basis. Do you ever do a search for “how to…” something and the first page of your search as articles from blogs answering your questions?

It’s all content marketing. Whether a video, image, blog post with text, or an audio podcast… When people produce great content they build an audience..

Ever hear of Howard Stern, TMZ, or Perez Hilton? Yup, they built brands, business, and generated millions in revenue from great content.  Ever check out the top 100 websites? Know what they have in common.. People keep going to them for more content…

Content Marketing SEO

Content Marketing really became a new word for the “SEO” industry to use and to shift their practices once Google started penalizing “link builders” that were gaming Google’s guidelines. Now everyone uses “content” to get higher rankings, better SEO, and attract links to play it safe with Google’s algorithm.

Content Marketing Social Media

Another part of the recent content marketing trend is you need content to distribute on social media networks to again grab attention, build authority, and generate buzz for your brand since customers eyeballs have shifted to these platforms especially now because of mobile phones.

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