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Thinking about using call tracking or more importantly narrowing down your call tracking option or company to CallRail?

We were in the same boat as you! And we finally made the switch to CallRail after using another call tracking provider for over 10 years here’s our story and why we chose CallRail, how we ported call tracking numbers to CallRail, and our CallRail review after using the platform for 3 months now.

Back in 2009, when starting our digital marketing and SEO agency after working for internet marketing companies and startups prior we knew from that past experience tracking results of internet or any advertising budget for that matter was not only important for our business or company but for the companies and small businesses we helped in the local market.

In this day an age of technology and even back in 2009, when call tracking existed but CallRail didn’t yet you should take advantage that now you can track your marketing and advertising spend better with call tracking.

For example, if you are running a Google Ads campaign what’s more important that clicks and conversions to your website? CALLS! And calls you can see caller ID data, how long the call was, and if activated listen to the calls!  It’s a lot easier to spend marketing and advertising dollars and budget if you can track the ROI better and that’s exactly what call tracking and CallRail allows.

When we first started using call tracking CallRail wasn’t even around then. Looking at their domain name it looks like CallRail was started in 2011 or at least that is when they registered their domain with the idea to make call tracking better.

CallRail Pricing

As call tracking evolved and Google Adwords now rebranded as Google Ads evolved we came across the CallRail brand. At the time we can tell their platform was far better than the call tracking company we were using however we were so integrated with the other call tracking company we were worried about porting call tracking numbers we had established for clients for years prior that we hesitated to make the move. Now looking back that was probably the wrong decision but we did leverage CallRail pricing at the time 2-3 years ago when we tried it to get our current vendor to match their pricing so that was a win ;0)  CallRail we found had the best call tracking pricing by far when comparing their prices to value in what you get makes their CallRail pricing even better.

callrail pricing

CallRail Porting Phone Call Tracking Numbers

About 2-3 years later and now just recently this year we decided to test CallRail again since a partner of ours had shared CallRail Reporting with a shared client of ours. When we went on a conference call with that client we were able to provide so much SEO, Google Ads, and Website data it made the call so much better. It also showed us how much our services impacted this clients website, internet marketing campaign, and SEO and Google Ads spend in comparison to everything else they were doing including Social Media it made us realize finding out about CallRail’ s porting process is a must and we need to make the move and reestablish our CallRail account we tested a few years before.

The CallRail porting process was very easy and quicker than expected. We had all of our call tracking numbers ported in less than 30 days and had no hiccups in calls or losing any of those numbers. They provide a process and excel spreadsheet you can use to make it really simple to port call tracking numbers over.


CallRail Support and Customer Service

During the porting process and retesting the account we tried years prior also showed us how amazing the CallRail Customer Service and online chat support team really is. When making the call tracking platform switch we had a ton of questions about integration, how to set up CallRail, how to port call tracking numbers etc… And each team whether online chat or email the support team was great. They always helped us figure out what we needed to do and were available same day if not within minutes of logging on and chatting with online chat support at CallRail.

CallRail Cancellation

As I mentioned we tried CallRail but didn’t move forward after their free 14 day trial. However, they kept our account in their system and it was really easy to deactivate and reactivate it years later when we were finally ready to make the move. I bring this up not only because CallRail cancellation process is easy and exactly as what it should be but also because when we tried to cancel our other call tracking vendor after being a customer with them for 10 years since 2009 and had a 1 year contract at the time they made the cancellation process horrible. They tried to lock us in and say we couldn’t cancel until the month of the year we signed 10 years prior (4 more months out at the time). This was ridiculous, and we escalated our cancellation to manager which agreed and let us cancel 30 days later which again is till bad business. They should let you cancel easily just like CallRail and other smart companies and brands do.

Final Words CallRail Review

Since we have had an amazing experience in the first 3 months, tried CallRail before and came back, and have had extreme value in using CallRail’s call tracking platform we are now a CallRail Agency partner. We believe in the platform and think any business that spends money on any branding, advertising, or marketing SHOULD use call tracking and CallRail for tracking their ROI. Also, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website (even though you should) or just use billboards, direct mail, or any other traditional advertising you should have a call tracking number for each ad spend and TRACK it! It will open your eyes to what really works and how your business can become more efficient.

If you want to sign up for CallRail contact us by filling out that form or call us at 888-863-7421 and we can help on how to get you set up on CallRail properly and have a direct account manager that helps us help you get on the right plan, pricing etc..

Also, if you are an agency and thinking about using CallRail for your agency/clients call us to learn about how you can set up a whit label CallRail login as well.

If not, we can still help any business get set up properly with CallRail and help you out with our experience.


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