SEO & Digital Asset Optimization Company

DIAP Media is a specialized and niche SEO Company that has been helping companies from local small businesses to national Inc. 5000 brands in the Phoenix, AZ metro area and nationwide optimize their websites, product urls, and digital assets for the search engines since 2006.

We can help you with SEO & PPC (Pay per click) ads, Marketplace Optimization and Google Marketing strategies to grow your website traffic and drive more revenue for your business.

In today’s day an age if you don’t have a digital presence especially on Google  or Amazon customers will not know you exist or give you any credibility. Let us help you build trust with Google and trusted marketplaces (GNC, Amazon, Walmart) by getting your website on other websites that have relevant content and link back to your site as a useful resource.

Also, let us help you develop and execute an SEO content marketing strategy that will help increase rankings on Google and Amazon to help you get more attention online. With a blog or content marketing strategy and a few on page SEO tweaks you will start seeing your website rank higher of terms relevant for your business and the phone will start to ring.

Digital Asset Optimization Services

One benefit of working with our seo agency is we also are certified with Google Adwords platform and understand social media strategies that will also build your brand equity and trust with Google and the search engines including Amazon’s search engine.

We can simplify this process and take care of everything for you. We make it easy for you to hire us and start getting you results. We work on an exclusive basis so we won’t help any other companies or brands that compete with you in the same industry or same cities that you cover.

Custom Pricing

We offer custom proposals and treat your business as a unique situation based on the competition and ROI. We don’t take a “cookie cutter” package pricing approach you might see where you just are a number or sales goal.

To us your partnership and investment is appreciated. We will make sure your monthly investment is is producing an ROI and we are an asset to your business otherwise we expect you to cancel our services.

We do have a monthly SEO budget minimums, as an example for Local SEO services at least $1000.00 per month is a starting point and that is for very low competitive industries and or areas.

Request an SEO audit and proposal.

If you are ready to get custom quote for your website please call us at 888-863-7421 so we can learn more about your business and SEO or Internet Marketing needs.