Goldman Sachs Just Invested 450 Million at a 50 Billion Dollar Facebook Valuation

Both New York Times and the Business Insider are reporting that Goldman Sachs just invested 450 million at a 50 Billion Dollar Valuation of Facebook. If 2011, couldn’t start off as good as this for Social Media and Social Networking I don’t know what could make it better.

Everyone is now talking about this being payment for a Facebook IPO. Mark Zuckerberg has never indicated he wanted to go public but it’s new year so anything is possible.

If you are thinking about Facebook Advertising for your business and don’t have the time or know we would love to help. The current Cost per click rates and Cost per Impression on Facebook is ridiculously low because it is a more of a passive internet branding strategy vs. getting leads from Google. However, you never know when this can change especially since Facebook just passed Google for the most visited website.

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