Google just sent us this Holiday Card for using Google Adwords

Just got an email from Google thanking us for using Google Adwords and because of it they have been able to help millions of people. Around these times of reflection that’s pretty cool to think about. Not only do we get tracked/recorded phone call leads instantly with PPC Management for our clients a portion goes to Google’s charitable causes and them giving back.

The world is a better place with Google, our clients, our vendors, and even our competitors that help businesses and especially local businesses which are the heart of America with creating jobs, livelihoods and a better ROI with internet marketing

Here is the email screen shot;

Google Holiday Email Card

Also, here is a link to a custom landing page microsite Google built to share all the good things that come out of being a Google Adwords customer. If you need help with your Google Adwords management and need technology that tracks calls from the best keywords give us a call.

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